Why Hiring Managers Should Stop Overlooking Retail Store Managers

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Things I wish people would realize about retail store managers

Dear Hiring Manager,

It seems that hiring managers have the perception that retail store managers aren’t qualified for positions outside of retail and sales because in your mind all we do is ring up items for purchase. Well, that is a myth I am here to discredit.

As a current retail store manager, I have learned and done more things in my position than any of my previous corporate jobs. Not only must I manage a sales floor and employees, but the job requires me to do so much more. “Store Manager” is just the title that was required on my offer letter and job description; however, I have so many other managerial roles not listed.

I am a store manager of a non-franchised nor corporate-owned boutique where I am expected to run the store as my own. I have NO assistant managers, no lead associates nor full-time employees. I am the only permanent full-time employee, so I am forced to wear many hats. Of course the goal is to make sales, but I must also display exemplary customer service to every customer that walks in the door. Not only for the customer’s experience, but also for my team because as the manager, I set the tone for the store.

I am a manager of operations, HR, marketing and communications, visual and merchandising, stock and inventory, guest services, an events and everything in between.

I currently manage a team of 8-15 employees, college students at that, with consistent schedule changes, leave requests and availability changes. I am accountable for the store if there is a call-out, uncovered shift, no-show or emergency.

During the 7 days we are open, I work 5-6 days, sometimes 7.

During the 10 hours we are open, I work at least 8 hours of those, sometimes longer.

I am on call 24/7 when I leave the store and on my days “off”. If a problem occurs, my employees call me and it is my responsibility to fix it and/or offer a solution even when I am off.

I handle the day to day, I set the daily and weekly goals. I monitor our traffic and conversion rates. I execute and reset our display windows and floor-sets. I recruit, interview, hire, train, coach and fire.

I manage the store budget, petty cash, reconciliation, receipts, HR paperwork, invoices and deposits. I research, plan and create promotions and events and also manage the budget, setup and execution.

I handle loss prevention and customer complaints.

I maintain our social media pages, creating and designing images and copy and promoting the outlets. I’m also required to find innovative and creative ways to increase traffic and sales.

I maintain the upkeep and organization of the store.

I manage not just ONE but multiple projects AND people simultaneously, all while continuing to wear a smile!

So if you still think that I am under-qualified for your position simply because my current position begins with the word retail, how about I hand you the keys to my store and let’s see you handle my shoes for just a day.

I mean honestly, the only thing “retail” really signifies is that, not ONLY will I show up to your position qualified and ready to work, but I’ll also be fashionably dressed.

Now, put some respect on my title!


Confessions of an overworked, overlooked and underpaid “Retail Store Manager”

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