Why I Started Everything 24 Karis

Hello Loves and Welcome to Everything 24 Karis!!!

I have been going back-and-forth about starting a blog for a very long time. I have been told and asked by multiple people

Why haven’t you started your blog yet?!”

And finally I decided to start it, so here I am!

So where did Everything 24 Karis come from? Well here it is–

For a long time I have been thinking about changing my branded name from Management ‘N Stilettos (mgmtNstilettos) to something else (although I’m never ever letting it go completely). I’ve come up with multiple names over the years but nothing ever really quite stuck. 

So one night while I was laying in the bed, the song “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars randomly pops in my head. I’m singing in my head and humming and here comes my favorite part and I start singing out-loud! By now, I’m sure you can guess what my favorite part of the song is. So here I am laying in my bed singing,

Shopping sprees in Paris
Everything twenty-four karats
Take a look in that mirror
Now tell me who’s the fairest
Is it you? Is it me?
Say it’s us and I’ll agree, baby”

You just sang that out-loud didn’t you? LOL!

Ok, ok… back to my story…

Now of course me being me, whenever I hear that part (because it such a play on words) I sing “Everything 24 Karis” instead of “Everything 24 karats.” And in that exact moment it clicked! BINGO! That’s it!!!! I decided right then that was the perfect name for my blog and new brand for multiple reasons.

So here they are:

EVERYTHING– I wanted to have a blog that wasn’t just about Fashion, even though I know that’s what’s expected from me. Yes, that is my number one passion; however, I wanted to be able to discuss many different topics not just one. So I wanted to make sure my blog, YES discusses fashion, but also not limited to just that. That being said, I didn’t want my blog name to specify it was strictly a fashion blog. I have so many other layers to me than just fashion *cues Rihanna’s cake, cake, cake, cake* and I want to be able to share all of them with you guys as well. 

24– My birthday is on the 24th so of course that’s one of my favorite numbers and a representation of me.  I also wanted to tie in 24 hours to speak to giving you a glimpse into my life and head 24/7. You never know what to expect!

KARIS– Well this one’s pretty obvious, but anywho! I wanted my name to be somewhere in my blog and brand name but not be JUST my name. Also the original word in the song is “karats” and Bruno Mars’ entire album 24 Karat Magic alludes to all things luxurious. As everyone that knows me knows, I consider myself royalty (you should too!) and love crowns/tiaras (see album artwork). Bruno Mars totally gets me (we’re secretly BFF’s in my head)

Bruno Mars Everything 24 Magic Album Cover

So given all of that, I felt like this was the PERFECT name for me and I had no doubts whatsoever like I did with the previous names I had come up with.

So in the middle of the night (I’m secretly a vampire), I’m literally up planning and coming up with logo concepts.  I bought my domain name right at that moment and decided I wanted to launch my blog and new brand on my birthday August 24, 2017. What a perfect day and date to introduce you to Everything 24 Karis.

So here I am giving you a little bit of everything, while finding my voice and hoping that you find something that I blog about useful for you and your life OR, at the very least, interesting or entertaining. 




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