Black Owned Businesses Matter!

Today I’m rocking my Black Owned Businesses Matter tee.  I decided to pair the tee with my new favorite polka dot tulle skirt (I love tulle skirts just as much as Carrie Bradshaw). As in true short girl fashion, I had to pair it with my DIY laced sandals. 

So a good friend of mine (hey Erica!) recently launched her business Black Owned Businesses, LLC.

“Created to uplift & empower Black Owned Businesses, and to encourage & educate entrepreneurs to expand their brand.”

The brand is all about supporting black businesses and entrepreneurs in your local area and is about bringing awareness to those businesses. 

The brand also sells t-shirts that support the business and shows your support for black businesses and entrepreneurs. As a woman of color and entrepreneur, I found it only right to bring awareness to this brand and support the cause (for the culture). In this day and age, we have to support small businesses, especially those in our community. So all my black Kings and Queens should follow suit. 

To get your own Black Owned Businesses Matter t-shirt (other colors available), stay up-to-date with black businesses in your area, OR have your business featured, follow and support Black Owned Businesses, LLC on Instagram: @isupportbobs Twitter: @isupportbob

*Hidden fact I designed the tee (among a host of other things lol)

Also- I fell in love with a picture of these laced shoes and had to have them but they were a bit pricey, SO I decided to make my own! Maybe I’ll upload a DIY later if you guys are would like to know what I did!? Let me know in the comments below. 





  1. A.Battle says:

    Great info

  2. A.Battle says:

    Loving it!

  3. Erica Clark says:

    That moment when you realize hard work truly pays off. Thank you so much for the ongoing love & support. Most of all Thank you for believing in my vision even when I didn’t believe in it. Thank you for designing my shirts even when I wasn’t ready to launch or had no direction. This outfit though! You did that boo!! Keep up the great work. Send me pics!!! 🙂

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