My Trip to Disney World

Hey yall! I know it’s been awhile. School and LIFE have been kicking my butt the last couple of weeks, but I’m getting back on track, post vacay! Thank GOD for vacation, it was oh so needed.

So, speaking OF vacation- I FINALLY got a chance to visit the most magical place on the planet, Disney World! Well, technically, I didn’t go to Magic Kingdom *insert sad face* however, I did experience the magic.

I never got to go to Disney as a kid (bad parents, I know… jk jk… love you mom and dad lol), but it has always been on my bucket list of places I wanted to travel even as an adult. So I was super excited when I had the opportunity to go last week- I had been waiting on this vacation for months, and it came exactly at the right time. God is ALWAYS right on time, isn’t He?!


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My vacation started October 31, so instead of going straight to Florida, I was able to stop and stay one night in Savannah, GA. I had only been to Savannah once before, but I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to explore it again during my stay. I had a BOMB seafood boil from the Seafood Shack, with shrimp, BEEF sausage (no little piggies for me), red potatoes and corn. OMG! It was SOOOOOOOO good! Now, anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE a reason to dress up, especially in costume. So since it was Halloween night, my mission was to find a costume party to attend so I could dress up! Mission accomplished! I didn’t just find a costume party, but I was able to explore City Market area and meet new friends (Hey Courtney!) that add me as their plus one and took me to all the hottest spots in the area. CHA-CHING! I was in there like swimwear.

I decided to dress up as a unicorn and wore all items found……….. in my closet! Plus I made my unicorn headband that everyone fell in love with. I had such a great time.

Learn how to make your own unicorn headband here

Woke up the next day, and headed to Orlando! I stayed at a GORGEOUS resort that was huge and stacked with amenities. Honestly, if you didn’t want to leave the resort, you didn’t have to. But you know I was going to explore more than just the resort. I mean- I was in Disney World for crying out loud! *cue big kid mode now*

The first day, I just relaxed and explored the resort a little. That evening the resort had a Game Show event I attended where they played their own rendition of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud. I put my name in the pot to be a contestant, but unfortunately wasn’t chosen. Nonetheless, it was funny to watch and be a part of the “audience.”

The second day, was the day I was able to visit my first park! The park of choice was, Epcot. When I tell y’all Disney has their parks system so put together, listen. Parking was a breeze, I barely waited in any lines, and everybody was super nice and TALENTED. Everybody that works at Disney has to be theatrical majors– you could seriously see them on Broadway or the big screen. Epcot had the Food and Wine Festival going on so it was all types of foods to try. It was cool exploring different countries, especially since who knows if I’ll ever visit some of them in real life. It was nice to have a “taste” of a different world (tehehehe).

That evening I went to Disney Springs (formally known as Pleasure Island). BOY! This place was HUGE! There was so much to do and so much to see.

The third day, was another relaxing and exploring Orlando day. I ate and chilled by the pool, listening to music during the day. My loving boyfriend sent me a sweet reminder that was a nice and well worth interruption. That evening, I went back to Disney Springs to explore the night life. They had an outdoor block party with a DJ and everybody was dancing and enjoying the music and fellowship. They also had these dope freestyle rappers by the name of FreeDaps perfom. The duo used people from the audience as part of their freestyles and I was amazed at how they could come up with rhymes that fast off the top of the dome!

The last day, time for another park! It was time to go away from Disney and explore Universal Studios. Now remember about how organized and together I said Disney was, don’t expect the same thing from Universal lol. I definitely had to wait in lines here and figure stuff out on my own. Regardless- I had a BLAST! Universal has this open area before you even get to the parks called the Epicentre and OMG, it was amazing! Restaurants, shopping, bars, theaters, Starbucks (for you coffee lovers) and so much more! Once I got into the park, it amazed me at how many simulated rides parks have now, and how technology has made them feel so real. Out of the ones I rode, my favorite was the Race Through NYC featuring Jimmy Fallon. I really felt like I was in a cab or a crazy NYC driver’s car during the entire ride lol. Important Note: I DO NOT ride in a cars in NYC, I’d rather take the subway lol. Last but certainly not least, I got to see a performance with my main girl, Marilyn Monroe. The theatrical performances they had throughout the park were amazing, but of course the was my favorite and the best way to end my Universal Studios experience.

Overall, my trip was much needed, relaxing and fun! I am already excited to go back, so I can explore even more this time and go to additional park. Next time, I’ll definitely be going to Magic Kingdom!

If you’ve vacationed here, what was your favorite thing to do in Orlando or Disney World?! Let me know in the comments.

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