How To: Spice Up Your Favorite Little Black Dress

First of all– HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Can you guys believe it’s 2018?! I’m so excited for whatever this year has in store for me, you AND Everything 24 Karis. And I hope I can continue to bring you great, useful and interesting content to the blog… so let’s hop right in!

So in my last blog I completely left out two items in my NYC video haul AND it was the two items that caught my eye FIRST! I can’t believe I left them out. Luckily, I planned to wear one for NYE. So I just went ahead and took some pics in both!

PLUS -Now I can show you How To: Spice Up Your Favorite Little Black Dress (LBD) with a completer piece!

We all have that favorite LBD that fits perfectly and looks amazing on. This is the go-to item when nothing else is working. Well for me, I had pretty much just that happen.

So flashback to my trip to NJ/NY and friend took me to one of the malls in Jersey. When I walked into the store Kara aka Steps New York, two items immediately caught my eye. One was the first thing I saw in the very front of the store walking in and the other was shinning at me begging for my attention from the back of the store. I grabbed the first item and headed straight for the back to see what could have possibly grabbed my attention from way back there.

Item #1 was this gorgeous black and silver beaded shawl (the pic really does it NO justice). It was so different and inexpensive that I couldn’t bear to leave it. I knew even if I never wore it myself, I would definitely use it for a future shoot. (I’m constantly shopping for editorial shoots and my stylist closet lol).

Item #2 was this bright ombré pink, gold and silver sequin over-sized blazer. It was PERFECT! I had to have it and I knew exactly when I planned on making its debut— New Year’s Eve. I had no plans or idea of where I was going or how I would wear it, but at that moment, who cared?! Not me. Those details I would figure out later.

So of course when New Year’s Eve came around, here I am trying to figure out HOW to wear my new blazer. I was determined to find something in my closet to complete the look versus buying anything new (just like most people, I spent enough money Christmas shopping). So when all else failed (or in my case just didn’t give it the umph I was looking for), I PULLED OUT MY FAVORITE LBD.

So next time you’re not sure what to wear, give your old faithful a complete new look by adding a statement completed piece.

I used the same LBD for both outfits, but see how different they look?! I added rhinestone fishnets to finish the look because if there is never a better moment to overkill the sparkles, New Years Eve is it (y’all know glitter is my favorite color). Since both items were my statement piece, I wanted to keep everything else a bit understated, so I paired it with black velvet peep toe strappy heels and minimal jewelry.


Both of these beautiful items came from Kara (Steps New York) which is located in NY, NJ, FL and VA. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to shop there online yet which saddens me since I live in NC, but it’s supposed to be coming soon (hurry up Kara (Steps New York) I’m ready to shop)! However, if you’re in any of those areas, check them out! They have AMAZING clothes for even more AMAZING prices. Check them out online here to see where your closest location is and to find them on social media.

Black/Silver Beaded Shawl – Kara $20

Pink/Gold/Silver Sequin Oversized blazer – Kara $40

Pink Sequin Clutch – Marshalls $4.99

Rhinestone Fishnets (similar) – Urban Outfitters $5 

If you missed my last blog (which is actually a video!) about the rest of the items I found while visiting in NYC, check it out here!

Luvii’s, how was your New Years and any resolution for 2018?! How do you style your favorite LBD?! Let me know in the comments… 

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