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A Few of My Favorite Social Media Accounts to Follow

The Zoe Report’s Instagram

The Zoe Report’s Instagram account is a great resource for the hottest trends and newest updates to fashion or beauty. Most posts are tidbits of information that leads to their website for further detail. “7 Wardrobe Updates to Make for Spring” is just one of the latest Instagram posts. The posts leads to an information article on what items to toss and which to keep for the upcoming season. Another recent post announcing Chrissy Teigen’s plans for launching a new clothing line with Target with the reader being able to find out more details on

Fashion Bomb Daily’s Instagram

Fashion Bomb Daily’s Instagram features celebrity’s and “Fashion Bombshells of the Day”. Claire Sulmers, the creator of Fashion Bomb Daily, has created a platform which post exactly which designers celebrities have worn recently. Fashion Bomb Daily also allows readers to send in questions on what designer any particular celebrity is wearing then they work hard- almost instantly to find out and post the answer on their Instagram account. Not only does the account feature celebrities, but also occasionally features what they call “Fashion Bombshells of the Day” and their street style. To find out what latest designs celebrities are rocking or find new faces to be inspired by, follow @FashionBombDaily.


Refinery29 Snapchat Discovery Story

Refinery29 has a featured discover story on Snapchat that should be watched daily. From fashion/beauty videos, to skincare routines, to tips like “Little Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Long”, which happens to be one of today’s features. Questions every girl may be asking are wondering can be found daily on their Snapchat discover stories. Perfect for the fashion, beauty and women’s health enthusiasts alike.


TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann’s Instagram

Twins TK Wonder and CIpriana Quann Instagram accounts, both feature beautiful and captivating images that range from what’s happening in the fashion world, editorials featuring both sisters, natural hair and activism. Both accounts keep your ear to the streets of fashion. Tk Wonder recently posted a picture of Malcolm X celebrating Black History Month with famous quote “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” One of Cipriana Quann’s latest posts, features a video from Roberto Cavalli Fall 2018 Milan Fashion Week show. She also frequently posts her “WeeklywRapUp” of her rapping about something political or supporting one of her causes such as racism. Both twins keep readers hip and “woke”.

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“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.” —Malcolm X ••• *Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965 on today’s date February 21st. Albeit there are many iconic figures like Malcolm X we pay tribute to in February I realize black history is incredibly vast and filled with many iconic figures and historical moments that cannot be acknowledged, remembered or celebrated within a month’s time. Black History is inundated with pain and atrocities that some may wish to ignore or forget. Black History is filled with triumphs and accomplishments that some may wish to ignore or forget as well however February is a reminder for the rest of the year every year that one can never stop learning about one’s history. Black History Month is a reminder that we can all be empowered and inspired by what it means to fight for your rights. Black History Month is a reminder that the more we know and are receptive to know about the past the more beneficial it will be for the nation in the present and the future. #neverstoplearning #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #malcolmx

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#WeeklywRapUp Times up for every asshole except the one in White House with the nuclear passcodes? It's like trusting Bernie Madoff to see if cash grows Amazing what can get away with when white and the cash flows People act like talking about race taboo Rather live in their bubble and say, “Oh not true.” Think cuz a black man president that just prove racism a fluke nowadays, huh, no clue Now got a 45th calling countries shitholes Only ones with brown people is how he picked those Ones voted for him now surprised by dick mode? Never wanted blacks in his buildings umm never gets old So same ones now protesting, "Not my president." Not hesitant when voted for his ass when evident Denying blacks in tenements but now they sharing sentiments So called feminist assuaging guilt for their own reticence Gonna make us great again? More like make us hate again Like seeing women excuse an asshole and go out on a date again Think they’ll get a better plate if give him chance at cake again but lured you in with steak hon you’ll never get that taste again Can’t make us great again when ignore global warming Without warning kicking out immigrants call it reforming Injustice every morning damn those supporting a man that could cause WW III with words he forming ••• Wrote these lyrics over Drake ft. Jay Z 'Pound Cake' Instrumental

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Who are some of your favorite social media accounts?! Let me know in the comments.




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