Primary Colors Make a Statement in This Collection

Duro Olowu Fall 2019 – London Fashion Week

It’s clear that London Fashion Week was all about activism and protest. In that same fashion, designer Duro Olowu, didn’t shy away from supporting the mission with his collection either. The Duro Olowu Fall 2019 runway collection was inspired by Miriam Makeba, bka Mama Africa, the fearless South African singer and civil rights activist who spoke volumes with even her vibrant wardrobe. The collection featured vibrant colors, detailed prints and matching head wraps, accessories and shoes.

The checkered, circle and floral prints were filled with complements of reds, blues and yellows- primary colors never looked so put together. The opening look immediately drew you in with a statement holographic checkered oversized coat with mix and match prints and a coordinating head wrap.

The inspiration of Africa was also not only represented in the clothing, but also the melanated models that strutted the runway as well. There were teases of feather scarves, wooden platform sandals and striped stockings to enhance the looks. In addition to adding his own flare, Olowu intertwined other trends like snake and leopard print with handbags and coats. The mixing of prints and pattern play in this collection is untouched.

If for some reason those options are a tad too eccentric or bright- the collection even offered a twist on a little black dress and a black pantsuit.

Click here to see full Duro Olowu Fall 2019 Collection

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