Guess Who I Met During NYFW F/W 2020?!

Whenever I participate in New York Fashion Week (NYFW), one of the questions I’m always asked is who was I most excited to see/meet. People are usually shocked by my answer because it’s never the “expected” answer.

My purpose for continuing to go to NYFW isn’t for the intent of being seen, celebrity sightings, or having the perfect “Instagrammable moment”. My purpose is and has always been to GET the story, SEE the upcoming trends (even though I loathe that word), and NETWORK with like-minded industry movers and shakers.

So I’m always MOST excited when I’m able to meet anybody on my shortlist of industry mavens that inspire me- and of course, it’s always an added BONUS to meet the WOMEN on that list that look like me.

Last season I was able to meet reputable journalists, Suzy Menkes and Cathy Horyn- both fashion writers who inspire me to write and share my voice. In addition, Deborah Cox, Miss J Alexander, Cipriana Quann (TK Wonder you’re up next!) and countless others! (See gallery at the end of post)


This season not only was I able to meet TWO of the ladies on my list, but I was able to catch them both at the same show! Thanks, Fe Noel! Sidenote- we’ll definitely be revisiting this AMAZING “for the culture” show- don’t you even worry.

1st up I met THEE POWERHOUSE that is, Elaine Welteroth! You know the same one who just HAPPENED to win the Outstanding Literary Work: Biography/Autobiography NAACP Image Award for her top-selling book,  “More Than Enough” just a couple of days ago!


Girl- you just added to the list of reasons why I’m so inspired by you and your work!

I was able to introduce myself to Elaine, former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, and have a quick chat with her and snap a couple of selfies! Elaine was the sweetest ever and I told her to look out for me because I was following in her HUGE footsteps.

Yea sis, you just made them even larger with that award drip! Let me go add this to my list of things I didn’t know I needed to accomplish in life.

I told her we were going to look back on this moment in the future and be like “GIRL! Do you remember when we first met during NYFW?!” and then I would proceed to pull up our selfie for a #TBT moment.

On to the next…

Now, if you know me, then you KNOW what tribes, hives and fan groups I’m apart of. And y’all KNOW I stan for some Sasha Fierce aka Bey bka BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER!

Duh! I am a proud member of the #BeyHive (pronounced BEE-hive for those of y’all that can’t seem to get that right).

And if you’re also a member you’ll know why I was so excited to meet this next person.

Now I have no desire to do what this PR mogul does because I know the way my patience is setup (issa no for me). However! That has no impact on how inspired I am by her work and how magnificent she is at what she does. The way that Beyoncé is able to drop secret albums, hold the biggest secrets until she’s ready for us to find out, and interview only when she wants to- who else could accomplish this but none other than THE Yvette Noel-Schure. That in itself is aspirational and so inspiring!

I was so excited when I saw Yvette as if it WERE Beyoncé because of the impact she has had on her career. I told her I loved her before the show and of course had to go back after to introduce her to the random girl that screamed “I love you!” when she looked my way heading to her seat. After the show she was celebrating with fellow islanders- (again shoutout to Fe-Noel) but still made time for a quick chat. I expressed to her that I loved her work and everything she does and that I will be working with her soon!

I am a true believer in manifesting things into your life, and working with the Queen Bey is in my Top 5 list of things I must accomplish.

But not only do I aspire to work with Bey, but I also aspire to work with Yvette, a vet in the game with a list of accomplishments and accolades that go on and on and speak to why she is THE BEST publicist of our time.

So to both Elaine and Yvette, I just want to say thank you first of all for allowing me to steal just a quick moment of your time during the craziness that is NYFW. Thank you both for all you do to inspire those you may not even know look up to you! Keep doing ya thang, and don’t forget- I’ll be seeing you both soon! 😉

Check out just a few of the others I’ve met during last season and this season at NYFW:


  1. Your Truest Fan says:

    Your excitement and authenticity literally jumped off the page. Of course we know you are naturally going to produce even more energy provoking, know your PR Moguls and let me educate you about culture content real quick stories. Know can we talk about how vibrant and beautiful you looked blessing all of us with your seamless combination of fashion! #KarisKilledIt

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