Pull Up or Shut Up if Black Lives Really Matter!

Following #Blackout Tuesday, Sharon Chuter CEO/Founder of @UomaBeauty, is calling for brands to “PULL UP OR SHUT UP”. The mission is for brands to not just stop at posting to show their support for Black Lives Matter and to end systematic racism but actually committing to making a change. She is calling for brands to publicly release the number of black employees they have in their organizations at a corporate level and in leadership roles in the next 72 hours.

This will, in turn, allow not only the consumer but as well as the brands a chance to see who’s really about what they say and support diversity and inclusion or where they have room for growth.

As we all know, a lot of times you can only find black employees and persons of color, if they even exist, at lower levels of employment in the field and in retail stores and nowhere to be found in high-level positions. Which a lot of times is why there is a disconnect by not giving minorities, namely black people, a seat at the table.

@PullUpForChange wants brands to prove they have black people in leadership roles and if not allow this to be a moment of clarity for brands to be able to move forward with action behind their support.

Non-black owned brands like PUR Cosmetics (30% black) and Farsali (25% black) with high percentages in leadership roles showed they’ve been doing the work and will continue to do the work!

While, brands like COVER|FX (4% black), Revolution (3% black) and Lime Crime (0%) with extremely low percentages in leadership roles showed their results with full transparency but also the work they have to do and are committed to doing.

Here is a list of the brands that have PULLED UP so far: 

Elf Cosmetics
Milk Makeup
The Crayon Case
PUR Cosmetics
Mented Cosmetics
Makeup Addiction
WetNWild (indirectly)
Beauty Bakerie
Shop Miss A
Plouise Makeup Academy
Huda Beauty
The Lip Bar
Sleek Makeup
Revolution Beauty
Ulta Beauty
Lime Crime
Rizos Curls
Boxy Charm

What are some of your favorite brands that you want to see PULL UP?! Let me know in the comments.

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